New to me items that will likely become household staples.
  1. Probiotic salsa
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    When I saw this in the cold case I said to myself, "Now why didn't I think of that?".
  2. BA-TAMPTE half sour pickles
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    They don't taste sour to me. They taste like my new favorite pickle!
  3. Lee Kum Kee sriracha mayo
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    Lee Kum Kee has been my go to sriracha for years. They add anchovy which gives it more umami and flavor complexity that still goes good on everything. I usually make my own spicy "mayo" with fage yogurt, but I'm digging this convenience.
  4. Maille Old Style
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    I'm too old and life's too short to not be eating whole grain dijon mustard.
  5. Palacios Chorizo
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    A basic spanish style chorizo that works well in a paella or as charcuterie. I like how there are two packs of two, so you don't have to open all at once.
  6. Hellmann's olive oil mayo
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    There's just a lot to get excited about in the mayo world right now.