Some of my faves. More here:
  1. Closing the Loop
    I love twilight/dusk/dawn paintings. A time of light difficult to capture with a camera.
  2. Fjärrhandske
    I feel like I had a very similar boyhood imagination as this artist.
  3. The Magpie Charmer and Bub
    The native american robots in the nineteen-nineties series definitely resonates with my Minnesota upbringing.
  4. Missing Person
    He grew up in Sweden in an area called The Loop which was littered with large industrial equipment and snow machines.
  5. Hacking the Loop
    I'm guessing Steven Spielberg may be an influence.
  6. Dead Fish
    Note, the Jurassic Park blanket.
  7. Ett Bedårande Barn Av Sin Tid
    A master of snow at night.
  8. Decoy
    He's technically trained in automobile art which is a favorite feature in many paintings. Love what he does with the head and tail lights in low lighting.
  9. Mojave Metal II
    He can make a drab scene feel magical.
  10. Badplatsen
    I love how he captures the childhood fascination with things in water.