1. Green Bay Packers Game 2001
    It was halftime of a close game. They had stainless steel troughs. Men were lined up ten deep. Some of them were wearing blaze orange overalls, some shirtless, some hard to see because of their camouflage hunting attire. To date, the biggest pisser I've ever witnessed.
  2. Donegal, Ireland 2002
    It was Saint Patty's Day. There was a parade that went from one pub in town to the only other pub in town. The marching band was on stilts. At the second pub they had a long gutter urinal on the floor with a wall of water constantly flowing down from belt level. The old fisherman next to me turned and in a thick spitty accent said the urinal reminded him of the sinking of the titanic. I wrote a song about it.
  3. Ghent, Belgium 2011
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    After flying in and taking a train from Antwerp, we were exhausted and thirsty. We went to check in at our floating barge accommodation, but no one was there. After having some drinks and enjoying the view from the deck, my bladder took control, and as we sought out a restroom we quickly stumbled upon these jewels in the park. Nothing is better than relieving an engorged bladder in the open air, while feeling totally at ease and not breaking any laws.
  4. Reykjavik, Iceland 2013
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    Stumbled upon a Big Lebowski bar, and this was in the mens room above the urinal. Luckily no one peed on my rug first.
  5. Ringlers Annex 2014
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    I went out to see my friend Thomas Deakin blow the sax with Robert Sarazin Blake. They had a week long residency at Ringlers, so I went on a quiet Monday night. The music was outstanding, but the room felt lonely. That is until I went to the bathroom and got a big warm hug from these gentle giants. According to legend, Al Capone pissed here all the time.
  6. There is of course a painting of these urinals.
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  7. @erichutchinson's Profile Pic 2015
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    I'm not sure what I was expecting when I clicked to enlarge.