You can check out the full playlist here// Feel free to make suggestions. If they induce goose bumps, I will add them to both lists.
  1. Hallelujah - Rufus Wainwright
    With apologies to Jeff Buckley, this Leonard Cohen song is chill inducing no matter who sings it. I recently heard the Rufus piano version performed at a high school talent show, and had chills the entire time.
  2. Yesterday - Atmosphere
    Slug rhymes about an old friend he thought he saw yesterday...plot twist at the end.
  3. Nap Time: Twelve-Tone Lullaby - Grandma Sparrow
    The most haunting lullaby of all time. Check out this adult children's album in it's entirety. It'll take you back to the fun and frightening mystery of childhood.
  4. Elephant Gun - Beirut
    A guy buries his dreams, and is then mauled by a wild elephant? All that is left is underground.
  5. If I needed you - Andrew Bird
    A lot of people have covered this sentimental Townes tune. Bird does a nice job of fleshing out the feather bumps.
  6. Johsefins Dopvals - Väsen
    This instrumental is so beautiful, I'm breaking out in arm pimples. This is one of my favorite bands. They feature the nyckelharpa.
  7. Wild Wind - Hook & Anchor
    Epic and passionate. I saw this band cover Fleetwood Mac Rumors in its entirety and it was incredible.
  8. Old Dirt Road - Huck Notari
    This guy always gets my goose juice flowing. "I hope that old dirt road never gets paved."
  9. Halleluiah - Reeltime Travelers
    I guess I'm a sucker for Hallelujah songs. Who knew I could weep like a little girl while listening to a song about someone's old rusty truck? "It's hard to tell the color, but it's always been blue."
  10. The Age of Worry - John Mayer
    Okay, to be honest I never listened to @john before List App, but he's so humble and funny on here that I had to check it out. This song passed the goose bump test with flying feathers.
  11. Please Tell My Brother - Golden Smog
    This song gets me every time. It captures a lot of emotion I had for my family while traveling in my twenties.
  12. Western Island - Archie Fisher
    I've always fantasized about the life of a homesteader, and have read some interesting accounts, especially of island homesteaders in the Pacific Northwest. This song captures my fascination plain and beautiful.
  13. Another Man's Done Gone - Billy Bragg and Wilco
    Just imagine Woodie Guthrie suffering from Huntington's disease while writing this heartbreaking poem. This song is off the fucking goose charts!
  14. Blue and Green - The Wood Brothers
    An ethereal song that resonates with me. The Wood Brothers are a personal favorite.
  15. Life by the Drop - Stevie Ray Vaughn
    Posibbly the first song to give me goose flesh. I remember putting it on repeat in the cedar aisle of the lumber mill I was working at, and now I think of this song every time I smell cedar.
  16. Starálfur - Sigur Rós
    Some sort of lullaby about elves? Only viking descendants from Iceland could produce a sound so old and mythical and at the same time so new age. The strings in this song are palindromic; they are the same forwards and backwards.
  17. Goose Bumps - Doug Wray
    No, no...I kid. Good palette cleanser though.
  18. You Don't Understand Me - The Raconteurs
    That piano!!
    Suggested by @sarahyuro