I thought I'd find a lot more. Please help! This is one small list for me, but perhaps one giant list with your kind suggestions.
  1. Mad Men | Episode: 707
  2. Wonder Years | Episode: 105
  3. Forrest Gump | Ping Pong Scene
  4. A walk on the moon
    When Diane lane cheats on liev schreiber with Viggo mortensen
    Suggested by @Wilson
  5. Apollo 13
    Nice undertone of envy. One of my all time favorites.
    Suggested by @jillbasinger
  6. Doctor Who, "Day of the Moon"
    It, in fact, plays a big part in defeating the alien villains in the episode.
    Suggested by @hollis
  7. Simpsons, a young Homer sings 'yummy yummy yummy I got love in my tummy' while abe cries
    Suggested by @dr_beexo