1. Remove the skeletons from your list closet
    Put them on the front porch for Halloween.
  2. Start drafting your first public list
    Don't be caught empty handed on launch day.
  3. Buy a bottle of champagne
    And a yacht to smash it on.
  4. Put on a fresh profile pic
    Something red carpet worthy.
  5. Buy stock in avocado toast
    Tell your broker you have a hunch.
  6. Schedule the day off work
    Or call in sick.
  7. Fill a backpack with post-apocalyptic survival gear
    Not related but something you should have done by now.
  8. Call your mom
    Tell her you love her, and you're sorry for not inviting her to the beta.
  9. Delete all of your other social media accounts
    They will be obsolete.
  10. Have a good cry
    Let it all out.