All courtesy of @sloan
  1. Sorry if I startled you, I'm feeling pretty honky this morning.
  2. Where are you in relation to the words 'Star Wars' on the wall?
  3. Love it. He doesn't show how he got the excess resin off at the end though.
  4. Going to the beard and mustache championship this weekend?
  5. Got some good stuff. Glad I asked for info on the requirements though because the yearbook clearly only wants tightly cropped headshots. No room for goats.
  6. You might think Kjorstilling is the hard part but it's actually the Startstilling.
  7. I am so sick of these lazy off-road unicyclists taking up space on my commuter train.
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  8. Our IT department has tripled in size in the last year and I won't go near that bathroom any more.
  9. Some people over here getting anxious about the 'Nachos?' sign.
  10. Really appreciate the slow, Mt Rushmore-esque pace these guys are working at.
  11. Same here. This is fun but still a couple notches below the night we launched @mettawhirledpeas
  12. John, I just bit into this small stone in my Garden Bar Garden Chopped salad, 4/27/15 1:39pm.
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  13. You know what I'm done with? Pork belly.