I actually do have an album coming out this year (how'd you know? 😉). Here are the tracks that will most likely be on it.
  1. Three Hobbies
    One for the soul. One for the body. One to make money.
  2. Old Blue Towel
    Inspired by Guy Clark, comparing worn towels to worn relationships.
  3. Great Northern Loon
    A song about skinny dipping!
  4. For Fungo
    A song that took me fifteen years to write about a dear friend that was struck and killed by a train.
  5. Don't Hurt Nobody
    About trying to give parental advice, and how "sometimes love is just being there".
  6. Annie
    Inspired by a woman who lived life to the fullest and was a mentor to my brother, and then fell into a coma after a tragic accident and passed away. "You can live how you want to live, Now go and do it, You can do what you want to do, Do not dilute it".
  7. Tell Me More About Jesus
    ...I don't care. Sort of a chant.
  8. Satisfier
    Kind of a play on "I am the upsetter".
  9. Wake Me Up
    Silly song inspired by John Prine.