Don't worry, Mother's Day isn't until NEXT Sunday.
  1. Breakfast 🍛 Olympia Provisions 🔪 Breakfast Links
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    Hands down the best breakfast links on the planet. Some might claim they are "too greasy", but Mother's Day only comes once a year. Made with real maple syrup and fresh sage. Serve with a small farm egg (SFE) prepared sunny-side-up, basil & tomato salad, impeccable toast and a superb jam.
  2. Lunch 🍛 Edelweiss 🔪 Weisswurst
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    An authentic German deli, with a primarily german speaking clientele. The bratwurst is ground to such a fine consistency that it pillows out when you cook it and feels like a warm cloud in your mouth. Get the weisswurst which is the bratwurst with teeny sprinkles of parsley. Serve with their homemade kraut, house mustard, and fresh baked rye. Pair with an Etienne Dupont Cidre Triple available across the street at Bushwhacker's.
  3. Supper 🍛 Gartner's 🔪 Beef Short Ribs
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    They are thinly cut and aged on-the-bone in a house made marinade. We lovingly refer to them as "Meat Candy". They come off the grill tender and juicy. This is finger and napkin fare. Go to the park. Serve with watermelon, corn on the cob, and coleslaw. Find out before hand if she prefers creamy or clear coleslaw. If it's clear, pair with beer. If it's creamy, dry martini.