How does one rank america's #1 fanny pack snack. Based on individual merit, or the contribution to the "team"? What qualities are most important. Taste? Energy relative to weight? Fiber content?
  1. Peanuts
    The only bean to be granted nuthood. It has over 300 uses, thanks to George Washington Carver. Say you're working late at the office and you run out of printer ink. Well, that's one of the uses. Deadline achieved!
  2. Raisins
    Because "Good Ol' Raisins & Peanuts" (GORP). Also, makes a decent printer ink if you can't find any peanuts.
  3. Candy coated chocolate buttons
    This really took gorp to the next level. Now you could add chocolate without the mess. Plus, it makes a great inkjet color printer, if you happen to work with MacGyver. So why isn't it higher in rank? Because you don't need meatballs to make spaghetti.