1. #snowmageddon and #snowpocalypse start trending on social media.
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  2. Hipster snow men pop up like Whac-A-Moles.
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  3. Everything becomes a sledding hill including the front steps.
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  4. Old hippies start xc skiing through the streets.
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  5. Dads set up mini bars in the snow.
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  6. School is cancelled, and everyone that can "works" from home.
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  7. Folks that need to commute, toss boiling pots of water on their windshields, and drive around like turtles in a china shop.
  8. Sooner or later freezing rain falls on top of the snow creating a layer of ice, and because the air temps are slightly above freezing, a thin film of water forms on top of the ice making it as slippery as a Burger King bathroom.
  9. Vehicles start sliding down hills like chips on a plinko board.
  10. Overly confident Californians tell local news stations how great the conditions are for jogging and then fall on their backs as they run off into the night.
    This is only a minute long and proves that real life is funnier than fiction. http://youtu.be/v2tA7fzugxM
  11. On the morning of the third day, all of the snow has melted and people go back to doing what they always do, which is standing in line for donuts.
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