1. High and Tight
    You were in the armed forces. You know how to pour a slab of concrete. Art was never really your thing. You've had the same wardrobe for the past twenty years.
  2. Full and Low
    You're easy to get along with, but hard to get a hold of. You don't like to leave the house unless food has been ordered and it needs to be picked up. You stay up late and sleep in.
  3. Trim and Prim
    You love the illusion of being in control. If someone doesn't like you at first, you do everything possible to force them into liking you. All of your outfits match.
  4. In a Pot
    You're always the bridesmaid, and never the bride. You lack confidence and worry too much. You're waiting for mister right, but never sent out any invites. 
  5. In the Air
    You're not afraid of change. You grab life by the balls and make it cough. You know CPR and aren't afraid to use it, even if it means breaking several ribs.
  6. In the Wild
    You don't own a television, and you make sure everyone knows it. You walk places or take public transit. You never miss a farmers market. Your favorite hobby is picketing.
  7. Public Garden
    You over share on social networks. Uber has dramatically changed your way of life. You just love love love everything about your city whenever guests are visiting.
  8. Bonsai
    You read books and drink tea. Art has always been your thing. You're always searching for a deeper meaning to life. As a kid, you lit ants on fire with a magnifying glass.