All pet owners believe their pet is the best pet. All pet owners are right
  1. Roscoe
    Roscoe was my little blonde Pekingese we had from the age of 5 to the age of 8. My dad found him on the showroom floor at my uncle larry's car dealership with a note around his neck that said "please take care of me" we did until he died during the men's diving competition of the 1996 Atlanta Olympics. He was a good dog but I was not ready for a dog being that I was 8 years old. I hope he is happy.
  2. Twit
    My parents found twit at a shelter when they lived on Guam the first 2 years of their marriage. She had a brother named Oberon who my parents liked better but they loved them both. When they moved back to Georgia, Oberon disappeared. If my dad gets drunk enough he talks about Oberon bc he is sure someone stole him. Twit was p mean to me but I was a toddler and I kept her under laundry baskets like she was a panther in the zoo. The same day we lost our house to foreclosure she died.
  3. Domino
    Domino was my "uncle" todd's cat. He was a traveling airplane mechanic ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ and just left her with us for a two year stretch. Twit fucking hated her dumb guts. When domino lived with us it was the only time twit was ever cuddly with me. As a big fuck you to domino, Twit would snuggle in my bed and domino would fucking panic under the bed. She left with Todd one day and no one told me and I was sad. But Twit and I formed a forever bond after that.
  4. Pickle
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    Pickle is my friend Kate's dog. He is a little Yorkshire terrier and is VERY NICE. He loves Louis a lot. When we used to watch him he would come in the apartment and find Louis straight away and never leave his side. Kate moved to Jersey City so it is hard to see them anymore. But she moved w her boyfriend and she is happy and I am happy for her and pickle.
  5. Jem
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    Jemmy is old and nice. He likes me a lot. I used to babysit his human and sometimes his adult humans asked me to stay at their house and feed and walk him. He made me tired but he was a good snuggler. He whined a lot but only really when he wanted to be under a blanket.
  6. Zarathustra
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    Zaza is rly old. She eats her own fur. Her real owner is a director named Izumi who works with my super talented friends in Maryland. But Izumi travels a lot so zaza stays w my friends a lot. Eventually she just became a resident of their house. She makes a kind of creaky noise when she meows but I like it.
  7. Lucy
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    Lucy is my aunt's family dog. They have an excellent family and Lucy is perfect for them. She is old and has benign tumors and wants to go outside only when it is inconvenient. I like her a lot bc she is very pretty and also a good pal to my cousins.
  8. Jeffrey
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    Jeffrey is my brother and his gf's dog. She is much more well-behaved than I thought she would be. They take super good care of her and she comes to visit my mom after her hospital visits. I like all the skin on her neck.
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    Brit was my rm's, Ash, dog the year after I graduated from college. Brit is an Australian cattle dog and has never been bad once ever in her entire life. When I was thinking about dying a lot those days she sort of knew and came in my bed and let me spoon her until I stopped crying or she got too hot and sneezed- whichever came first. She liked to eat my cat's poop out of the litter box and Ash and I would say "no Britt! No more Scooby snacks!" And laugh and kiss her on the head. She is perfect.
  10. Miles
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    Miles is my perfect gentleman. He is sleeping on my feet right now. He is more than a cat, he is a pal. He ran away three times and every time I wailed and cried and then get numb and, inevitably, someone said "he's just a cat" and I would not speak to them civilly for days, even after the cat returned. He is bad sometimes- he scratches the sofa and throws up on rugs but he is always prime for cuddling and has been with me in the worst and best of my life. My husband is allergic. Miles was first
  11. Every dog I've ever met
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