This is one of my favorite things to do😃
  1. Mack!
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    One of bae's dogs, aka Mack-osaurus Rex
  2. Asia!
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    Bae's other dog, more fondly known as Stinky. Because she reeks😷
  3. Charleigh!
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    This is one of my best friend's cat, and we were basically inseparable for a while so I took many selfies with her cat.
  4. Charleigh again
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  5. Banks!
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    This was the day my boss at my internship brought her cat into work and I took selfies with her in the conference room.
  6. Hammy!
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    This is my old roommate's hamster and I loved her to death. May she rest in peace😔
  7. Banks again
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    This is when I was cat sitting😺
  8. Last one of Charleigh
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  9. Banks
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    Also when cat sitting. I just love this picture for some reason.
  10. Emma!
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    One of my sorority sister's dog. She went hiking with us and I took this in the car after we finished the last 4 miles of our hike in down pouring rain💦💦😩