1. First kiss
    His name was James and I met him through my best friend at the time. He was a college freshmen and I was a high school senior. Yes, I was 17 when I got my first kiss, and the very very last out of all of my friends. Kinda messy and very awkward🙈
  2. First break up
    James, my first kiss/first boyfriend in 12th grade. I didn't hear from him for almost 3 days so I broke up with him via text message on my friend's phone in the middle of my music class. I used to feel bad about it but not anymore ✌🏼️
  3. First time
    I was 19 and dating a guy named Joey. We met while working at a summer camp and were like so in love and stuff. We had been together for maybe 2 months before we jumped into bed. It wasn't too awkward since we were both virgins, but then my roommate almost walked in and we had to cut it short.
  4. First time first broken heart LEGIT
    Joey, aka my first time, broke up with me on the phone 3 days before Christmas. He basically said it bothered him that I wasn't religious, that he never should have slept with me, and that our relationship pretty much never should have happened. I was so depressed that I didn't eat for 3 days, but I returned his Christmas present the next day and bought hair dye, since he told me he didn't want me to dye my hair. 😋
  5. First best friend
    To be perfectly honest, I don't remember anything about her. All I know is that she lived 3 houses down from me when I was 3 and we played together every day. Then my family moved and things ended there.
  6. First crush
    His name was Brett Peabody and he sat across from me in second grade. Gosh, he was such a babe. I remember he broke his foot and had to put his crutches under our desks and I thought it meant that he liked me. I liked him until about fourth grade when he moved away and I lost interest. I creeped on him on Facebook not too long ago. Still a babe. And he plays guitar😍