Inspired by everyone⭐️
  1. My name is Ellie.
    I also answer to Eleanor.
  2. Born and raised in Michigan.
    Home of snow in May, followed by 80 degree weather, all in one week.
  3. I currently work at General Motors doing online marketing support.
    Basically I talk to customers through chat via different dealerships across the country.
  4. I love taking selfies with animals.🐶❤️
  5. I also love snapchat filters.
    Be my friend - ellie_ruffino
  6. I enjoy cooking, eating, reading, drinking coffee, and long walks [on the beach].
  7. The Detroit Tigers have my heart.🐯💙
  8. My spirit animal is Luna Lovegood.
  9. Also a huge Harry Potter nerd❤️⚡️
    I've been to Hogwarts💁🏼
  10. I think I'm pretty funny.🙋🏼