1. The whole lobby of my work smells like bacon and it's disgusting.
  2. I'm out of food and was supposed to go grocery shopping last myth but my bf didn't come home (after already being gone 24 hours) so I couldn't go.
  3. My work is having a potluck today and my plan was to go make puppy chow but since I couldn't go grocery shopping last night, I couldn't make it.
  4. Now I'm stressing about just getting chips and salsa at CVS because it's the most convenient, but is it too lame?
  5. I want a bagel and Starbucks so bad but I can't bring myself to buy it because I'm so sadly broke.
  6. I didn't wear a coat even though I knew it was raining and I very much regret it.
  7. Edit 1/2: I bought Skinny Pop for the potluck because who doesn't love Skinny Pop? I don't like it, but the popular opinion in my office is that it's really good.
  8. Edit 2/2: I got a bottled Starbucks frappuccino as a compromise.