Trying to be positive here, but a girl needs to vent.
  1. I switched shifts with a girl at work thinking I would get May 29 off, but I actually have June 5 off.
    It's not a big deal, and June 6 is my birthday so that works out. But I was hoping for an actual Memorial Day weekend.
  2. Speaking of my birthday...
    I'm not really excited about it. My bf isn't working and I don't think he can get me a present, which isn't a big deal, but I've been supporting him for the last 5+ months of his unemployment so I just wanted something nice for my birthday.
  3. I'm sick of my clothes/don't really have any summer work clothes, but I can't afford to buy anything new. 😭
  4. I have been sweating A LOT recently.
    In the past year, I have switched to men's deodorant, and have found that it works longer and better than women's. But I'm still sweating a shit ton. I know I've been more active and it's been getting warmer out, but holy crap am I smelly!
  5. On that note, my feet have been sweating a lot too.
    This is nothing new to me, my feet have been sweaty my whole life. And I have baby powder that I forget to put in my shoes, so that's on me. But it's just annoying.