Fictional Men I Would Sleep With

  1. Joey Tribbiani
    He gets around but it keeps like interesting🤔😍
  2. Lucas Scott
    Maybe he would write a book about me😍😇
  3. McDreamy
    'Nuff said😅😍
  4. Paul Varjak
    If you've never seen Breakfast at Tiffany's, do yourself a favor. You'll understand. 😉
  5. Derek Morgan
    Man, those biceps😍💪🏼
  6. Oliver Wood
    He's a keeper 😂😉
  7. Chuck Bass
    I'd be completely fine if he never called me again ❤️
  8. Jack Dawson
    I'd even share the wooden door in the ocean with him after the ship sank🚢
  9. Seth Cohen
    Nerds have my heart💛💛