Five of My Favorite Ways to Spend My Time: With Photos

Inspired by @ListPrompts
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    Probably one of my favorite things to do is take selfies with him. He hates when I do it but he just lets me because he knows it makes me happy. I also just like being around him in general, it's easy with him. We don't always have to talk, we can just be in the same room and do our own thing and it's just as great.
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    I clearly enjoy taking selfies with others. The dogs are no exception. They don't let me do it very often but I think they secretly love it. I love to pet them and cuddle with them and just have staring contests with them to try to figure out what they're thinking. Btw this is also the background on my work computer.❤️
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    Reading has always been a huge hobby of mine, ever since I was a kid. My mom came from a family of bookworms and my brother and I grew up with that love of books. I'm at my happiest when I buy a new book or am able to dedicated time to reading.
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    Drinking coffee
    I love coffee, I live for coffee, coffee is a part of me. I'm convinced it runs through my veins and is what pumps oxygen to my brain.
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    Cooking and eating
    Food Network is my favorite channel and I've been known to spend entire days in front of the tv never changing the channel. I love food and I love cooking for people. One of the best feelings, in my opinion, is someone eating food that you cooked and seeing them smile and enjoy it and hearing them tell you how good it is b