1. JFK
    Do you think the government was in charge of your assassination?
  2. John Wilkes Booth
    Why did you do it, bro? Was it worth it?
  3. Shakespeare
    Such an interesting man
  4. JK Rowling
    For any other hardcore HP fans, THERES SO MANY QUESTIONS. Also, politics, duh.
  5. Adele
    Please tell me about your life.
  6. Jerry Springer
    Why have you been wasting your life on such an awful show? You have so much potential.
  7. Bobby Flay
    Did you cheat on your wife with Giada? I just really need to know. And please show me your ways!
  8. Amy Poehler
    Your book was absolutely amazing. Please tell me everything about you and everything you know.
  9. Taylor Swift
    Tell me about your h8ers. And also about your love life.
  10. All of People Magazine's Sexiest Men Alive
    How does it feel to be judged for your looks and not for your intelligence? #genderequality