1. I feel SO sorry for poor little Brendan
    He seems like such a sweet kid and the police and the prosecution tore him apart. Idk if he's innocent or not, but he's clearly easily swayed, whether it be by his uncle in helping with the murder, or by the police is getting him to give a confession, but definitely by his first lawyer that was working for the prosecution and coerced a confession. It's obvious that he was taken advantage of and I feel so bad for him because it doesn't seem like he knew he was doing anything wrong.
  2. There was a huge lack of evidence in Steven's trial
    Yes there was bone fragments and bullet casing found, but there was NO knife, NO gun, NO blood anywhere in his house, NO binds or ties or anything that held the victim to the bed. None of Teresa's DNA was found in the house, not even on her own car key that was found.
  3. There was some seriously shady happenings done by the police
    The case was handed over to another county, yet the Manitowoc county police still went to the property, and spent DAYS there "searching." And then they just happened upon the key to Teresa's car? There was also the cop that made the call to run Teresa's license plate while he was clearly looking at the car but pretending he wasn't. They also picked a jury from Manitowoc county instead of from the county that did the investigation.
  4. There was no way Steven was able to get a fair trial
    There had been years of media coverage around Steven from his wrongful conviction and his lawsuit against Manitowoc county. People all over the country have been watching him since the 80s, and media coverage skyrocketed after Teresa's death. In such a small town, it's impossible to find someone that was completely ignorant of Steven's situation. I believe that most of the jurors went into the trial already believing he was guilty because of his past, and that's not a fair trial.