1. Chris Pratt circa Everwood
    Everwood is a show from the early 2000s that nobody really knows about on what is formally known as the WB. The show focuses on a New York City doctor who moves his two kids to BFE Colorado to start over after his wife/their mother dies. Chris Pratt plays a gorgeous man who (**SPOILER**) we eventually find out was responsible for the car accident that paralyzed his best friend. Baby Pratt has my heart💙
  2. Matthew Davis aka Warner Huntington III
    Most commonly known as Elle Woods's boyfriend in Legally Blonde, this cutie also had a starring (minor) role in one of my fave movies ever Pearl Harbor. His name was Joe and he was shot by the Japanese while trying to fly his place off of the runway. RIP Joe💔
  3. David Burtka
    Currently not an option for me as he is married and also does not like women.
  4. Jake Ryan from Sixteen Candles
    Real name: Michael Schoeffling. He was in a couple low key movies in the early 90s that nobody knows about and then seemingly dropped off the face of the earth. He's currently in his 50s and no longer in his prime time Jake Ryan shape but in my heart he'll be that cutie that saved Samantha Baker's underwear from Farmer Ted.
  5. Aarón Sánchez
    Resident tattooed hottie judge of Food Network's Chopped. If you're not a foodie or an obsessive Food Network viewer like me, you probs have no idea who he is, but I love him with all of my heart.
  6. Ian Kinsler, second basemen of my heart and also the Detroit Tigers
    If you're not a Tigers fan but you know who he is, I'm impressed. I first time I saw him play was the first game I went to after my favorite Tiger was traded and my heart was broken. I thought I'd never love again. But then my beloved Ian got a home run and I knew that destiny had stepped in. He stole more than bases that day❤️⚾️
  7. The guy from the Ocean Spray cranberry commercials
    Not the old guy, the other one. Who knows his name or his story. I don't care. He's a babe and he's awkward and he cracks me up and that's all I need.
  8. Joe Santagato
    YouTube and snapchat funny man. Search him and you won't regret it. And of course is girlfriend is a complete babe and I couldn't be more jealous.