1. I graduated from college
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    So of course I had to take this selfie at graduation💁🏼
  2. I became an alumna member of my sorority
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    These are my sorority seesters that also went alumni💙
  3. This is me with one of my sorority sisters
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    She took this picture and I just crack up every time I look at it😂
  4. This is what my boyf's dog does when he wants to come inside
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    I sit and laugh every time he does this🐶
  5. This was at my desk on my first day of my internship
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    My internship that made me fall in love with event planning and with nonprofits❤️
  6. This is Geri
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    He came to one of our events at my internship and fell in love with our office manager, which we loved to bring up to her whenever possible. She took a couple days off work and then I came up with the idea to spam her desk with pictures of Geri. He took this picture of himself, holding a cupcake, in the photo booth that we had at the event😂😂😂
  7. NYE with bae
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    Anyone that can make silly faces with me is okay in my book❤️❤️
  8. I hate taking selfies
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    But bae always wanted them when I was still away at school. This is probably the best one I ever took, he even made it the wallpaper on his phone. And literally about 5 times a day, he would tell me how beautiful I was and that when he unlocked his phone he just started at my picture☺️🙈