1. I'm starting my new job
    I'm extremely excited, but I'm nervous about making friends. I'm not very good at it and I'm horrible at small talk and at inserting myself into conversations. Everyone in my program is starting on the same day at the same level, so I'm hoping that will make it easier to bond with people. I'm also terrified about eating lunch by myself. I can't afford to eat out so I have to bring my lunch, and I'm really hoping I'm not the only one. Silly, I know, but I have social anxiety😖🙈
  2. I have to take the bus to work
    I don't have a car and it's too difficult for my family members to take me to work every day, so I'll be riding the bus most days. I've never taken the bus before and I'm actually really terrified about it. I'm afraid I'll make a fool of myself trying to pay for it, I'm afraid I'll fall when I'm walking to a seat, or worse, I'm afraid I'll have to stand and will fall and land on someone.
  3. I'm going to Florida and I've never been on an airplane
    I've been having a lot of problems with my ears popping and clogging lately, and I'm really freaked out about my eardrums popping on the plane. I also have really bad anxiety about not being firmly on the ground (I don't even like being picked up by someone and stairs are my enemy), so I'm afraid of how I'll react to being on the plane.