1. Wow he's really cute
  2. Good thing he doesn't snore
  3. I wish I could sleep as much as he does
  4. How can one person sleep SO MUCH?
  5. He can literally sleep all day and all night for like 2 days straight
  6. Ugh I have to pee :(
  7. To pee means I would have to climb over him, put on pants, go to the bathroom, remove pants, climb back over him
  8. Let's see how long I can hold it until my bladder explodes
  9. Omg I'm starving
  10. When will he get up and make me breakfast?
  11. Oh no he is not about to roll over onto my side of the bed
  12. Yep. He did it.
  13. Elbow in my side
  14. Okay time to pee
  15. How does me climbing over him not wake him up?
  16. I feel better but HES STILL SLEEPING
  17. Aww he put his arm around me. That's cute :)
  18. Time to scroll through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Again.
  19. Nothing new in social media in the last 10 minutes
  20. I'm bored. Now what do I do?
  21. I'm just gonna stare at him a little bit
  22. Is he waking up? I think he is!
  23. Damn it he just rolled over