I have recently started watching The OC from start to finish, reliving my pre-teen years in the process.
  1. I would fit in so well at the Cohen house with as many bagels as they eat.
  2. Why does Ryan basically have a mullet?
  3. I slightly admire Julie Cooper in a way. She's pretty crazy and vindictive, but she's got pizazz.
  4. Ryan and Marissa are a complete train wreck. Cute together, but just no.
  5. Okay, this theme song got annoying after the third episode. The piano is wayyyy too loud.
  6. Seth and Summer, no Seth and Summer. Back and forth and back and forth. THEY JUST NEED TO BE TOGETHER.
  7. Idk what it is but part of me just wants Sandy and Kirsten to break up. Something is just weird about them.
  8. I'm glad Summer is finally starting to grow up and not act like a toddler in a tiara.
  9. Still rooting for Julie and Jimmy to work out!!💔
  10. I don't understand why Ryan lives in the pool house when I'm sure there are multiple empty bedrooms in the house...