1. Forever hearing me say "I want/need coffee."
  2. I'll pretty much always fold your laundry
  3. Cute texts/notes/sticky notes all over your room
  4. Sometimes I'll cook AND do the dishes
  5. Me always complaining that I'm hot, and then cold, hot again, cold again
  6. Telling you I love you 12 million times a day
  7. Me asking for a cat/dog/hamster/other pet 9 million times a day
  8. Sarcasm and mocking
  9. Enjoyment from the littlest things
  10. Never a dull moment
  11. Hearing screams and squeaks from my klutziness and inability to function
  12. All the hugs and kisses you want
  13. Whining and complaining on an hourly basis. Sometimes more.
  14. Complete honesty, loyalty, and commitment
  15. Sharing my food even if I don't want to
  16. Random tears but even more random laughs
  17. 800 questions every day about everything under the sun