Screenshots I Have On My Phone, Explained

I am thankful for the ability to screenshot. Sometimes, when you find yourself deep into that rabbit hole called the Internet, you may come across something that makes you lol. *screenshot*
  1. Me as a shirt.
    I actually forgot about this gem until tonight. Lol
  2. My niece?
    Ah snapchat. Lol
    Who made this?! Lol
  4. Lil cuties
    Me n my coworker. I screenshot it bc I was gonna cut/paste her(right) onto something, but then I prolly just forgot. (Cause 🌳) lol
  5. Only funny to me,
    Cause that's my nephew having a v interesting hair day. Lol
  6. nsfw
    LOLLOLLOLOLOLWUUUTTTT, where did this screenshot come from!?! Lol