Or my friend Liz has invented (thanks for the games Liz)
  1. Couch olympics: a thrilling game where you start from any point in the room and make try to make it to the couch and throw out some cool tricks on your way. Scoring is a three part deal. Style, technique and charisma.
  2. Extreme maro polo: like the classic game in the pool on a hot summers day. But this time you play it in a basement and turn off all the lights. Enjoy.
  3. Is that place patriotic or is it a Perkins? (The title describes it all)
  4. Am I wearing pants? Through a series of questions including: round 1: am I wearing pants? Round 2: am I wearing underwear? Round 3: what kind of underwear? If at any time the player gets a question wrong you get to flash them
  5. Tell me more about it? Have a fun topic? Go ahead and say it then wait for someone to push you out of the way and proceed to tell people about your topic. Very incorrectly.
  6. Pool corner: this one is fun for the whole family. Pick a person and corner them in the deep end of the pool and don't let them escape.
  7. Stay tuned for more.