Shameful Favorite Movies

I have watched each of these movies dozens of times despite knowing they are not very good. But, you know, love who you love.
  1. Diggstown
    Inside how weird a movie had to be for James Woods to be the good guy.
  2. Grandma's Boy
    Sometimes I just like laughing at pot jokes.
  3. Running Scared
    Billy Crystal. Gregory Hines. I thought the guy who wrote the Fletch books wrote this movie, but I guess he wrote a different movie with the same name.
  4. The A-Team
    Sometimes I just like stuff blowing up.
  5. Semi-Pro
    Woody Harrelson makes this movie, but the real star is the absurdist script.
  6. Fletch
    This might be why I became a journalist.
  7. Blast From The Past
    Look, I don't know, man.
  8. UHF
    Painful to watch now, but I loved it as a kid.
  9. Kids In The Hall Brain Candy
    No apologies. This movie is weird and I love it and I always will.