1. Speaker placement
    The speaker on my Samsung Galaxy S4 was on the back of the phone. If I laid my phone face up the speaker was muffled. iPhone's speaker placement at the bottom of the phone is much better.
  2. iMessage
    I love that little "delivered" message, the read receipts, and the blue bubbles. I also like that my mom responds to more texts now that she gets my messages on her iPad too.
  3. Camera
    It's just better, but that could be because it's a newer phone. My old camera was great too.
  4. Speaker quality
    I don't have specific notes on this, but the speaker is just better than my old phone. It's very noticeable while listening to podcasts.
  5. Apple Pay
    So far I've used it once and it was the quickest purchase I've ever made. I just wish my supermarket www accepting it.
  6. Wallet app
    Love this for Starbucks gift card! It pops up when I'm close by to my favorite stores.
  7. Vibration noise level
    The vibration level on my android was so loud I had to turn my phone on completely silent at work. Now I can keep it on vibrate.
  8. iPhone only apps
    Some apps like this one is iPhone only. There are just more apps in general.