If I Were to Buy Stickers for My Laptop Right Now They Would Be

Is there anything more depictive of one's identity then their laptop decor?
  1. An SNL and The Office hybrid
    Any SNL and The Office hybrid is a moment to be remembered
  2. An election fantasy
  3. An instant classic
  4. Some Bronx Beat (Pretending this pic is in sticker form)
    I would paint a mural of these two on my wall if I could
  5. Some sage advice
  6. More sage advice
    It's the best day of the year!
  7. A touch of Weekend Update
  8. A quality What About Bob? reference
  9. Some Billy Eichner
    Twerk if you love pixar
  10. A dundie
    I feel God in this Chili's tonight
  11. A throwback
    "The world is my toaster" -Chuckie Finster
  12. And finally, something to prove I do other things than watch tv.