Hi listers! During the next few days, I am collecting some preliminary research for an essay I am writing and was hoping the li.st community could help me out. Answer as many questions as you want or feel free to add anything else you find interesting about your relationship with tv!
  1. Questions: Why do you watch tv? Has tv influenced your life in any way? Have tv shows sparked an interest in a career path you want to or have pursued? Have you made friends based of off shows you mutually watch? Does tv alter your social circles in any way? How often do you find role models on screen?
    Do you think tv shows have sparked debate about diversity/ gender norms? How often do you talk about tv shows with people? What is the most compelling aspect about tv shows?
  2. I watch TV to escape from the real world into the world of the characters; for comfort. I grew up watching a lot of TV (more than my friends seemed to watch) and was always comforted watching Friends after a tough day of high school, or an episode of Buffy during my freshman year of college.
    After a year in film school I realized I wanted to write TV, not movies, and now I am pursuing a career as a TV writer. I want to write shows that can help people escape from the real world for a while, with characters they connect to and care for. I have definitely bonded with people over shows, & have great talks about shows they should watch/i should watch. I also think it does start discussions about gender/race/etc. TV is really important to me, & I hope I can become a part of the business!
    Suggested by @sarahmccoy