Requested by @bjnovak
This was a long process trying to narrow down the best episodes out of 18 seasons to 12 episodes
  1. I Should Have Never Gone Ziplining
    The boys go ziplining and it becomes one of the worst trips of their lives. Of course, Kenny dies as always.
    Butters gets a robot friend named awesom-o, who is really Eric Cartman trying to learn all of Butters' secrets
  3. Marjorine
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    Marjorine, I can't believe it's not Butters!
  4. Casa Bonita
    The best Mexican restaurant
  5. Go God Go and Go God Go XII
    A mix of otters and atheists and the new Wii mixed into a Star Wars double episode
  6. The Ungroundable
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    Butters becomes a vampire and the Goth Kids burn down Hot Topic (for the greater good, really)
  7. Professor Chaos
    Butters becomes a super villain
  8. Asspen
    The adults fall into a classic "here's a timeshare" endless presentation while the kids learn how to ski and Stan faces off with a cocky skier
  9. The Ring
    Kenny gets a slutty girlfriend who becomes "pure" and into the boring "adult life" of watching Netflix and Grey's Anatomy after learning about the Jonas Brothers' purity rings.
  10. Black Friday / A Song of Ass and Fire / Titties and Dragons
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    Kenny turns into a Japanese anime princess and the boys turn a Game of Thrones when Black Friday approaches. They eventually divide into two different houses, one where they want to get an Xbox and the other where they want a PS4
  11. City Sushi
    Butters is diagnosed with a personality disorder when his parents mistake his pretend playtime for various personalities.
  12. Cartman Sucks
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    He sucks, literally
  13. Scott Tennorman Must Die
    Suggested by @LevNovak