Most of this is just upsetting stuff.
  1. No Ranch OR honey mustard sauce.
    I can get the ranch, but no mustard of any kind? Seriously?
  2. What in the world is the difference between a McChicken and a Mayo Chicken!?
    And why does one cost three times more than the other ?!!?
  3. They don't have ranch, but they have SWEET CURRY dip
  4. My roommate ordered a hamburger and it came with the bread and a plain patty. No ketchup inside and no pickle. So bland. So disappointing.
    I may sound like I have high expectations, but this is even sad for my McDonald's type of expectations.
  5. Why are there weird McFlurries here? I don't care about your triple caramel McFlurry, I just want my Oreo one! I KNOW YOU SELL OREOS HERE.
  6. They have Indian chicken chutney sandwiches.
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  7. They also have Australian style beef subs, which look interesting.
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  8. On the plus side, their apple pies taste like the caramel apple empanadas at Taco Bell. I'm ok with that.