Fuccboi definition from Urban Dictionary: not only a bitch, he is a bitch ass pussy branded in the squad.
  1. Drake
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    We all know he's the softest rapper in the game. He's also a fuccboi because he learned how to make BBQ sauce from Guy Fieri.
  2. Big Sean
    Because he doesn't fuck with you but he fucks with Ariana Grande, who looks like a galactic 16 year old girl .
  3. My dog, Buddy
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    He takes forever on walks, sniffs at everything and likes to lick specifically your lips to really give you a big wet kiss. Also, just look at him. Do I need to say more?
  4. Most NYU Males
    In the words of @rebecca, "NYU men are not real men". They are either "I am Stern" douchebags or they just talk WAY too much. All the cute NYU guys are most likely taken and the rest of them are fuccboiz.
  5. Kobe Bryant
    It's Kobe.
  6. The lady that threw me out of the East Palo Alto post office yesterday
    All I wanted to do was renew my passport and she told me to make an appointment, even though online it said that they did walk-ins... She was playing candy crush before I came in and she refused to just send my stuff to the agency. I got angry and and called her incompetent and she kicked me out.
  7. Hypebeast kidz
    They love raw denim, and collecting other clothing items in order to impress others. They love Supreme and I guess their sneaker game is on point, but nonetheless, they are still fuccboiz. Nobody got time for that.
  8. My boyfriend on occasion
    Bless his heart but he's only a fuccboi when we are fighting. Obviously I'm right almost 90% of the time. 💁