Then again I paid $40 for this
  1. I got the row to myself (two seats)
  2. They gave me a free banh mi and it's delicious
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  3. They have outlets on the bus.
  4. They have free wifi.
  5. They aren't blasting Thuy Nga Paris by Night on the TV like I had expected them to.
    It is a 5 hour long Vietnamese concert tape full of cheesy choreography and an hour long comedy skit in the middle of it. @TT and I watched a lot of this shit at many family dinners.
  6. A Vietnamese man put his foot on my arm rest and I lost my appetite eating my delicious banh mi. I'm crying.
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  7. I asked him to move it and he moved it only slightly off my arm rest.
  8. I said "EXCUSE ME" and he looked at me, his foot still on my arm rest.
  9. I look to his wife who shoots me back a glare. Also, her foot is hanging on the other side of the chair in the corner.
  10. After 2 seconds she smiles and I assume this is also said with sarcasm, goes, "sorry ☺️".
  11. At least I'll be home in a couple of hours.