Chuc mung nam moi! (Happy New Year)
  1. Red envelopes
    Aka "li xi" (pronounced lee see). What more is there to say? You wish the person good luck in the upcoming year and then you get $$$
  2. Banh Tet (Tet is the name of Lunar New Year)
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    It's a Vietnamese new year sticky rice cake that's rolled in a banana leaf and is filled with mung beans and pork. You boil it and then after, I pan fry the shit out of it. It's delicious.
  3. Going to temple
    Because it's fun and it's cool and the monks make the best egg rolls I've ever had.
  4. Family Gatherings
    It's one of the rare occasions where my extended family gets together and they don't fight or bicker for fear of bad luck into the new year.
  5. My mom's superstitious traditions
    For instance, on the first day, the first person who is allowed to walk out of my house is my dad, aka the man of the house. My dad has to walk around the house once before the rest of us can step outside. None of us can fight or are allowed to get sick since its a sign of bad luck. Weird.
  6. Fire crackers and poppers
    It's fire, what's not to like?
  7. All the other food there is to eat
  8. Finally, seeing my grandparents so happy!!!
  9. Lion dancing
    Suggested by @TT