Requested by @TT
@TT this guide is mostly for you. GET WITH IT.
  1. Ending a sentence with a period makes you come off as aggressive.
    "Sounds good!" versus "Sounds good."
  2. Use emojis but don't go overboard.
    "thanks! 😊" versus "thanks 😊! So excited ☺️☺️☺️"
  3. Anyone who texts a lonely "K" might as well be dead to me.
  4. Use exclamation marks frequently to highlight enthusiasm, but like emojis, DON'T go overboard with it or else you seem crazy.
  5. Don't text in all caps when you're excited about something, it sounds like you're shouting in my face. And you seem crazy. Look above.
    I admit I'm guilty of doing this at times but there are some girls in the world who go out and scream their excitement and this totally translates into their texts. If ya catch my drift.