Requested by @TT
I dropped after the third week.
  1. They made us line up at bid night and handed us two magnums of Grey Goose. We had to finish both of them in one line (there were 23 or so of us).
    worst night of my life. We chugged the grey goose, then brothers made me finish all sorts of other stuff. We had to go to the apartment the next day at 10 AM to clean up. I puked in a beer box I was recycling outside and then I took the subway back alone so no one I knew would be around to watch me puke. I puked while getting off the platform at the W 4th station at 11 AM. Walked away and said "fuck off" to all the people staring at me.
  2. Wear a business suit every Monday and heels during the month of February in the winter vortex. My feet hated me.
  3. Get yelled at every Monday
    We were quizzed on interviews with brothers, basically had our egos and all feelings crushed. I wanted to cry every time.
  4. Kiss a brother's ass 24/7
    A brother wants you to go to the nearest wine shop to get her 20 crates for her stupid bookshelf DIY project? Ok-- bring them to her by the end of the day all the way in Midtown from Greenwich. If you don't, you get "punished".
  5. My social life was totally gone
    Bye bye! For all the other people who stayed, it was gone for 10 weeks.
  6. Do planks and wall sits in a suit in a NYU Stern classroom at 11 pm.
    Two grad students walked in and saw all of us on the ground. They had a look of "wtf" on their faces and slowly backed away.
  7. @sanjuverm and @Caroline had to do a 24 hour NYC city tour which sounded like a giant mess during the winter. Imagine running around a city in the snow, getting tasked and yelled at and also spending $50 on the subway. Dumb.
  8. They also had to eat/drink a concoction that included halal guys hot sauce, fruit juice and other nasty stuff.
  9. My grades were worth more than being in this Fraternity.