Requested by @TT
I go to NYU so this is more like things I see in New York, particularly in the East Village
  1. This ridiculous line just to get inside the Trader Joe's, which is next door to my building.
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  2. Brown hunks of ice/snow/sludge on the street EVERYWHERE
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  3. Huge chunk of ice that accumulates in front of Stern that is like, 20 feet long and a few inches/a foot tall
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  4. Stern during a snow storm last week with more snow accumulating on top of the mound and just snow everywhere in front of stern making the walkway super slippery
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  5. My lovely roommates. We call ourselves sk8ers as noted by @rebecca 's sk8er hand sign
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  6. When I get food from the dining hall and I see that they sell literally sliced avocado in a sushi container for $5 ...
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  7. Lady and jelly fish on 9th and 4th ave
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  8. This man who always stands in front of our library with the sign that reads "GOOGLE IT JEWS INFILTRATE CHINA"
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  9. Sometimes I see Washington Square Park, or as the freshmen like to call it, "wah-squa-pa"
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  10. When I'm leaving for class or coming home from class and I see my roommate sleeping like this
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  11. This water heater can looking thing on 13th and 4th ave with people holding hands in a circle. Always makes me go ☺️
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  12. Trash everywhere. Basically what you see everywhere in New York
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