1. Everything closes super early.
    I was expecting a cleaner NYC, but not exactly the hours of a suburb like back at home. The streets seem pretty empty after 9:30 PM and almost everything is closed. Where can a girl get some late night grub?
  2. The people are so friendly, even when they are mean.
    It's probably the whole "British accents make everything sound good" kind of thing.
    I thought it was a huge line outside a pub, but turns out it's just a ton of people enjoying their pints outside.
  4. Cider is a big thing here.
    And it's relatively cheap and some of them have more alcohol than beer! I'll have more, please.
  5. The streets are clean, the rain is semi ok, and the fresh air is a nice reminder of the weather at home.
  6. Places are pretty spread apart, but that's probably because I haven't taken the tube yet.
  7. The tube closes at 11 PM-12 AM ...
    What is up with that!!!?
  8. A ton of museums are FREE!
    My school is right around the corner from the British Museum, so that'll be cool 😎
  9. The coffee here is meh and costs quite a bit, but any help with that would be great!
  10. I can get Krispy Kreme donuts at the Tesco.