1. Sit in Washington Square Park in the Spring
    This will probably change next week. Jazz music and tulips, here I come!
  2. Travel to Japan
    If I wasn't studying abroad in London next semester, first destination would be Japan.
  3. Figure out how to surprise my boyfriend when I come up to Cornell this weekend
    Any suggestions as to what elaborate plan and story I should use will be greatly appreciated.
  4. Cut my hair off some more
  5. Teach my dog how to play dead
  6. Tell this girl that hooked-up with my friend that I'm sorry for staring at her all the time when I see her on campus
    Because she told my friend, "that girl Emily stares at me a lot". I'm sorry you're a giant tall Asian who speaks French fluently and I'm just not any of those things. I JUST CAN'T HELP IT.
  7. Text @TT to catch up because we used to text everyday
  8. Dye my hair lavender
  9. Get another ear piercing
  10. Learn how to make Chinese egg custard tarts