1. We went to the Mission in SF!
  2. Went straight to Body Manipulations so I could get my cartilage pierced.
  3. Convinced @TT to get one too ... MWAHAHA peer pressure.
  4. Our piercer, Eldo, was super awesome. He and @TT are going to get matching horse-Scorpio tattoos.
  5. I went first. Made @TT take a ton of pics. Here's one of my virgin left cartilage waiting to be deflowered.
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  6. Next: needle through my ear. Felt like a slight pinch, not so bad. @TT had a better photo where you could visibly see how long the needle was behind her ear. Talk about BAD ASS.
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  7. We both got matching gold hoops on our left ears.
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  8. We asked Eldo to take a photo of us and our new piercings - prom style.
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  9. Walked out of the store with our throbbing ears and headed over to Southern Pacific Brewing for the List App meetup!!!
    Met some awesome people like @ariannastern, @helwolf, @charlie, @abbyzeecee, @ChristopherFSmith.. Was coordinated by the awesome @EricElkins ☺️ THE REST OF YOU MISSED OUT
  10. Grabbed some country bread at Tartine before dinner and ran into this 14 week old Golden Retriever pup outside. 😍
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  11. Got Thai for dinner - Tom Kha soup and Masaman curry.
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  12. I made @TT wait in line for 30 minutes in the cold for Bi-Rite ice cream. It was her first time! We got salted caramel and balsamic strawberry. Took home a pint of that god damn delicious salted caramel. Mm...
  13. Came back to home and rented Kingsman. We watched it while I made Momofuku corn cookies. 🌽
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  14. Sidetrack: I can make crack pies too.
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  15. Called it a night after catching up on an episode of UnReal. THANK YOU @dana