1. I played piano for 10+ years but did not become a piano kid genius
  2. I decided to not be a doctor anymore when I came to college
    I wanted to be a pediatrician for two years in high school and just completely dropped it when I came to school and realized that organic chemistry was a thing
  3. I did not become an Olympic figure skater at the age of 16 and was instead a less than mediocre figure skater
    I was never meant to be the next Michelle Kwan
  4. My Vietnamese is Americanized and I don't know how to read or write in Vietnamese
  5. I refused to go to Vietnamese school as a kid
  6. I am not that good at math
    I wasn't in BC calculus, I was in the mid tier lane of math in high school
  7. I do not go to an Ivy League university
  8. I did not have a 3.8+ GPA in high school
    That's what it says on my resume, but lol jokes on you, it's a lie
  9. I don't like bean sprouts
  10. And most recently, I failed to uphold some of the customs and superstitions of the Lunar New Year
    i.e.: I took out the trash when I wasn't supposed to for three days, I wasn't supposed to sweep the floor, and I lied to my professor about not being in class because I had pink eye.