1. Who rented the apartment next to Alex? I would solve that mystery before rushing off to Simon and getting double/triple/quadruple? crossed.
  2. Why does Agent Wyatt wear THE WORST pant suits?
  3. Why does Vasquez greet Booth coldly after he returns from bullet #1? Ugh Vasquez.
  4. Why does Booth believe Alex is innocent from the start? Is it because he loves her? Or is he the terrorist?
  5. Marcia Cross? One does not simply hire Kimberly Shaw as window dressing.
  6. Why does Miranda think Alex is innocent? How did her husband die?
  7. Will I ever be able to tell the twins apart?
  8. Elder Hoss/Junior Hoss. I am suspicious.
  9. How can I get Alex's hair? I will do anything.
  10. Who was still in the makeshift command station?
  11. Is Alex's father still alive? I think he's still alive.
  12. CHICAGO???
  13. Sita's secrets?
  14. Do terrorists clean their guns while watching cartoons?
  15. Mark Raymond. Redflagredflag