1. Jumpsuits -- while some people can pull them off they give the majority of girls FUPA, Cameltoe or both, along with the rare onesie that makes you look like you are a car mechanic
  2. Platform sneakers-- while Emma (baby spice) definitely pulled them off they make the average person look like they are orthopedic or you have one leg is longer than the other
  3. Poncho's -- the make almost everyone look like they are about to put on a sombrero and start their shift at Chevy's or what I think most teenagers who were poorly attempting to cover a pregnancy would wear
  4. Jeggings -- in theory they are good who wouldn't want soft stretchy jeans? That being said they look like that ad for pajama jeans and believe it or not most Americans look disgusting in a light blue painted on jeans covering their cellulite
  5. Cowl neck anything -- straight up the neckline looks like a vagina enough said