Vivid dreams

  1. February 28, 2017
    I was in my house & we were looking for a painting for something so we decided to use this old man's & then I get a call from this woman who we decided not to use & she repeated in a spine tingling, bone chilling voice: "help me". And then we go into the room and the Fender from 10 Things I Hate About You had been stolen. And earlier I was in an office and some guy who I can't remember was making some girl I can't remember sign a contract saying she'd never eat Mexican food again.
  2. March 14, 2017
    Leila and I were stealing little SD cards or something in boxes so we got them in our bags and then went to leave; after that outside there was a pool and I don't know how it started but a water balloon fight started on the pool deck and there were so many people there? Boy was one of them and him and I talked a bunch and then we walked across the street to where he had to be next and it was just all really great
  3. March 17, 2017
    We were at DECA and we stayed in townhouses and I was w Leah, EmLamb, & Anneliese. There was like an opening ceremony but no one taught it to me so they told me to just do something so I just did my variation from Cinderella and I was wearing heels and my business clothes. Then after we left it was pouring rain and there was a boy who stayed next to us who has been trying to talk to me and he was really cute and he asked for my number
  4. June 6th, 2017
    I was w Peter and Isabel (I think) and somebody else and everything was like green mythology but a lot was similar to Harry Potter and we were following that creepy guy who wears white gloves and owns a bunch of elementary schools. The teachers were sweet and sang to the kids w balloon animals
  5. June 6th, 2017
    We in the woods on some mountain and a bunch of people from The Office were there, but some people weren't and I really can't remember specifically, & I was married to Jim. We were supposed to be camping out and Dwight made the whole thing like a massive haunted house and it was all going to start at sunset and I woke up just as it was getting dark.
  6. June 14th, 2017
    We were a part of Harry Potter but we were competing for college admissions or something, and we were practicing for something big coming up so we were running around practicing spells. Luna, Doby, somebody else, some other teacher, and Snape were there. It ended w a teacher coming in and saying it was time for house meetings and wishing us luck.
  7. June 17, 2017
    Camille and Emma and I were driving around in a white van and I don't remember why or what we were doing, but you couldn't see out of it and it was controlled by switches on the wall that said stuff like "stop" and "turn right", also Camille had been listening to my Spotify. Idk that's really all I remember but it was a weird one.
  8. August 10, 2017
    I was going to the beach w Cami and Gabby and we were getting ready to leave, but I don't know where from. So I looked for my phone and someone had stolen it and when I found it I saw that they had taken the movie ticket out of the back to try to reuse it and I was really upset. So then we were at the movies and Anna worked at concessions and she was mixing different slushie flavors and having me try them all