1. Ever wanted a nickname? BAM you were basically born with one
  2. Because you are genetically guaranteed to be picked on because of your copper locks, your spit-fire abilities are on point
  3. You also have a better sense of humor and don't take yourself too seriously
  4. Gingers have a strange abilities to attract other gingers. We only consume 2% of the population? But 6 of my closest friends are ginger too! Illuminati!
  5. Ginger telepathy is a real thing
  6. Not only are you classified as Ginger, but you also have the opportunity to be even further marginalized as "day walker", "half breeds", "gingers-in-denial", and "full on ginger".
  7. You can laugh at the irony that everyone makes fun of your hair, yet it is the top hair dye color used in recent years. Don't hate us cuz you ain't us!
  8. Let be honest here: Souls really do complicate everything